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At our headquarters in Portogruaro we carry out the AIRLESS painting processes. With this processing it is possible to safeguard the environment and protect the operator.

Airless means "free air" spraying: the material is atomized due to the high pressure, comes out of a small nozzle as a fan of very small droplets, so it reaches the surface to be painted at a low speed.

The lack of air and the low speed of paint particles reduce both the bounce of material on the paintwork and the overspray (that part of spray paint that does not deposit). In addition, the amount of sprayed product can reach almost twice as much as other types of paint, and this reduces spraying time.

There are some benefits: a great benefit to the health of the operator, the reduction of the materials to be disposed of and the reduction of the emission into the atmosphere.

Faid Anticorrosione Srl has always focused on the environment: it promotes actions for greater environmental responsibility, development and diffusion of technologies that do not harm the environment. The company is ISO 14001: 2004 certified to continue its commitment to environmental impacts and performance improvement.

PYROCRETE 241 - new certification

Is a cementitius capillary waterproofing product.
FAID ANTICORROSIONE SRL si sta certificando per l’applicazione di PYROCRETE 241 intonaco cementizio allegerito e PYROCLAD X1 intumescente epossidico per protezione al fuoco di tipo idrocarburi Pool+JetFire.

Service of powder coating

Faid s.r.l. Has added a new service to its business: the powder coating.

This process is performed by automatic painting facilities that allow high processing capacity.

The powder coating is done on sheets, tubes, and cannelle profiles with a maximum length of 6000 mm gauge and the footprint of 2500 x 2500 mm.

Materials: steel, galvanized metal, including pretreatment.

Procedure for the application of Chartek


The Polyurea is a two-component polyurea elastic membrane, with rapidity of hardening in the order of a few minutes and a rapid achievement of the final characteristics.
High mechanical strength, chemical hydrolysis, puncture, abrasion and aging.
Minimum application temperature: 0 ° C (non-condensing). Working temperature from - 30 to +85 ° C
The main uses of polyurea are:

- Waterproofing slabs of road and rail bridges, viaducts, underground structures, tunnels;
- Protection and waterproofing of hydraulic structures and containment;
- Waterproofing for roofs of civil and industrial buildings;
- Waterproofing of parking large cars. Protection and encapsulation of asbestos cement.

Works - Polyurethane Hydroexpansive Resin

It's an injectable material that fills and seals off cracks, crevices and cavities finally putting an end to infiltration, quickly and decisive.

Is injected through specific hand pumps or electric high-pressure injectors affixed by screw and permeates cracks up to widths of 0.2 mm.

In contact with water or moisture, increases after a few seconds, from 8 to 20 times its initial volume, through a process of reaction with the formation of a dense foam and elastic, which immediately stops the infiltration and hermetically seals the slot or cavity injected.


Is a cementitius capillary waterproofing product.
Penetron should be applied to concrete structure exposed to water or chemical attack and thus requiring waterproofing and protection. I'ts applicability to either the positive side (side exposed to water) or negative (side opposite water) meets all waterproofing requirements.