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Projects in progress

Al Bayt Stadium

Structure for stadium Al-Bayt who will be the site of one of the two semi-finals of the World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

Ponte canale sul Colvera

Maniago - Risanamento del ponte canale sul Colvera

Work in progress Mont Blanc Tunnel

Waterproofing of the channel of sidewalk of the gallery and restoration of the upright of the AF1 channel France Italy in the Mont Blanc tunnel

Work in progress United Arab Emirates

Metal structures for marine jetties
Cycles Applied: C5 M HIGHT - ISO 12944

Work in progress Belgium

Cycles Applied: CS/AFC/TS/001
Sandblasting Sa 3;
TSA Al 99,5% grado 1100 DFT 250µ ÷ 500µ

Work in progress Norway

Cycles Applied: CS/AFC/TS/001 REV.03-04
Sandblasting Sa 3;
TSA Al 99,5% DFT 200µ

New Convention Center Roma EUR "Nuvola"

Architect: Massimiliano Fuksas
Cycles Applied

  • Sandblasting Sa 2½;
  • Zinc epoxy to a thickness of 60µ;
  • Intermediate for a thickness of 120µ;
  • Polyurethane finish for 50µ.

  • Sandblasting Sa 2½;
  • Epoxy primer for 60µ;
  • Intumescent R60’;
  • Polyurethane finish to a thickness of 50µ

Self-leveling cement-resin application on the pavement of suspended walkways.