Who we are

We specialize in anti-corrosion treatment of metal structures and protection of cement and masonry surfaces.

Working in the sector since 1974, we refined and highly skilled in the application of special protective cycles on metal surfaces such as peening, metallization, flame retardant and intumescent coatings, powder coating.

In building sector we perform walls painting and special coating, activities for the protection and rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures, for the conservative cleaning and protection of architectural structures, statues, marbles, and works for waterproofing We work on behalf of engineering companies, with major global petrochemical industries for anticorrosive and fire protection of metallic structures. We assist our clients in all phases, starting from design through to realization, with competence and professionalism, guaranteeing high quality services and reliable delivery times.

We work in Italy and abroad. In the last years we have employed our workers in Qatar, Congo, Norway, France, Turkey and Romania.
We have contributed, like partner of Aerospatiale (F), Courtaulds Coatings (UK), International Celomer (F) and University of Dublin (IRL) to the realization of the research project 1991/94 Brite Euram 4414-CT94-0457, funded by the EEC. In collaboration with ASCO AMERICAN STRIPPING CO. (USA) We maintain regular work of restoration of anti-corrosion coatings on cruise ships (floors, walls and ceilings).